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  • Artnr: PRO-BE-M

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The Viking PRO (Formerly Viking Pro 1000 / Hunter Pro Am) is popular for many Public Safety Diving applications. Rescue and recovery divers can't choose where and when to dive and may be forced to dive in contaminated waters. Consequently, it is vitally important for them to use a suit that combines protection against hazardous waters with flexibility and comfort. A Viking Pro drysuit in combination with either a rubber or a latex hood and a sleeve ring system with attached dry gloves is one of the best alternatives available. In conjunction with a positive-pressure full-face mask, you are well equipped even for diving in most contaminated water situations.

Viking PRO Features:

All Viking rubber suits feature inside taped and stitched seams for additional security in addition to the outside vulcanized seams.
  • Red or Black EPDM/natural rubber (1,050 gr/m2)

  • Two-way stretch polyester lining

  • Si-Tech Push protected inlet valve

  • Viking X2 exhaust valve with 2 mushroom valves for added security

  • 90 cm heavy duty drysuit zipper

  • Extra-thick cone-shaped latex seals

  • Black integrated reinforcements from the foot over the knee to the seat

  • Boots fitted with fin holders

  • Suspenders

  • Viking suit bag, hose, and repair kit included

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