Pusteventil Apeks Black Sapphire DIN

  • Artnr: AP0040-1

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Pusteventil Apeks Black Sapphire DIN
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- Precision-machined and anodised metal front cover.
- Luxury hard-wearing PVD finish on the first stage.
- 5 ports with heat exchanger as standard.
- Reversible second stage can be converted from a right-handed hose configuration to a left-handed hose configuration and can mount to either side of the first stage.
- The carbon-coloured hose features a swivel joint on both the first and second stage for maximum comfort and range of movement.
- Hydrostatic over-balancing first stage allows the medium pressure air in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient pressure, resulting in superior performance at depth.
- Comes as standard with an environmental dry seal kit which keeps water and contaminants out as well as making the model more resistant to freezing.
- Features the innovative Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) system allowing the diver to change from a large air exhaust to a smaller air exhaust. The larger exhaust provides the best exhaust bubble dispersion while the smaller exhaust is lightweight and compact. Both are included with the regulator.
- A two-stage progressive dual purge to allow the diver to choose the flow rate of the purge.
- The pneumatically balanced second stage has diver-adjustable controls that allow the diver to individually tailor the breathe of the regulator to meet his or her needs.
- Suitable for cold water use (below 10c / 50F).
- Supplied in a high quality anniversary case